GoAnalytics Release History

05/06/24 | Release v 2.9.6

  • Homepage UI changes of scoring related panels
    • texts changed
    • scoring categories icon updated
    • added coloring of score graphs
    • added coloring of event graph
  • Email UI changes of scoring related panels
    • texts changed
    • scoring categories icon updated
    • added coloring of score graphs
    • added coloring of event graph

04/27/24 | Release v 2.9.5

  • Added GPS Distance (KM) support
    • Added new GPS Distance (KM) column and indicator for dashboard configuration
    • Added ability to display distance in kilometers instead of miles on Highest risk vehicles and top 5 performers panels on the leaderboard page.
  • Display risk score tag on scoring gauge on the homepage panel
  • Removed gradient for background coloring of scoring cells in reports. Replaced with solid colors aligned directly with risk score color levels.
  • Improving the appearance of Utilization Excel reports
  • Improvements of initial upload of organization GT and SS data to avoid uploading of historical data utside of storing data period
  • Fixed error opening details page when GT driver configuration is incomplete
  • Fixed issue in Utilization reports algorithms
  • Fixed coaching panel on homepage rendering issue

04/22/24 | Release v 2.9.4

  • New scoring
    • Improved scoring algorithm. Replaced score weights with score risk categories.
    • Updated UI of scoring gauge on the homepage and emails. Display company scoring median value.
    • Added score ranges
    • Added functionality to override default score ranges calculation from admin site
    • Switched all scoring to normalized
    • Improved UI of score details tooltip
    • Improved UI of email anatomy of the score section
    • Added extra 15 rule slots on the scoring configuration admin page
  • UI changes
    • Replaced Toyota safety with Vehicle Safety panel (naming change)
    • Improved UI of location section in the left menu of the app
    • Hide camera tile on the homepage and in emails when there is no camera
    • Added custom tooltip for Lane Departure Disabled column in reports
  • Data import and processing
    • Changed data type of SS event ID filed in the database to match SS changes
    • Improved performance of algorithm deleting temporary trips from our database
    • Fixed discrepancies in historical trip data
    • Improved performance of old score records deletion
  • Automated org data purge
    • Created data storage management in admin site
    • Automated data purge basing on org configuration (default data storage period in 3 years)
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed camera status panel showing NA when there are active cameras in the org
    • Fixed incorrect video status on the details page for vehicles with uninstalled cameras
    • Fixed average scoring calculation for organizations with vehicles located in multiple groups
    • Fixed incorrect calculation in risk score breakdown panel
    • Fixed missing ranks or incorrect behaviour of rank panel on the details page

03/07/24 | Release v 2.9.3

  • Implemented new version of emails with updated design. Including adding OpenAI panel and company average score to emails.

  • Implemented calculation of company average score

  • Updated design of your score panel on the homepage and add displaying of company average score.

  • Changed column name in reports from “driver” to “current driver” for driver oriented organization second column in reports  will be changed from “vehicle” to “current vehicle”

  • Changed column name in dashboard from “driver” to “current driver” for driver oriented organization second column in dashboard  will be changed from “vehicle” to “current vehicle”

  • Performance improvements of your score panel on homepage.

  • Changed risk categories order to Low risk->Mild risk->Medium risk->High risk

02/23/24 | Release v 2.9.2

  • Automated creation of snapshots with total amount of all vehicles and cameras on the 1st day of every month
  • Opening GT trip history page from the details page sometimes don’t work
  • Fix GT trip import procedure to avoid discrepancies in historical trip data
  • Fix graph panel in coaching report

02/19/24 | Release v 2.9.1

  • Added timezone text into time column title on the details page
  • Added link to the GT exception event page on the details page
  • Added driver\vehicle text to titles in most improved-lowest trending panels on the leaderboard
  • Changed risk labels order in risk score breakdown panel on the leaderboard page
  • Fixed actions on the details page available to users ignoring user permissions
  • Fixed duplicate columns in Excel reports

02/11/24 | Release v 2.9.0

  • Updated icons in the menu plugin section
  • Display scoring risk severity button on the details page
  • Added reseller branding support
  • Added AI panel on the homepage
  • Added leaderboard page
  • Added dropdown section with score breakdown on the details page
  • Changed panel coloring scheme on the details page
  • Update design of driver and vehicle sections of the details page

01/29/24 | Release v 2.8.0

  • Separation of vehicle and driver entities
  • Replace standard menu icons
  • Changed plugin list in the plugin section of the menu
  • Make filter field more contrast in dark theme
  • Changed trend color in Event performance panel on the homepage
  • Fix: Incorrect sender name in weekly and monthly emails shown for Outlook users
  • Display organization name on the homepage when showing Company level instead of database name
  • Lifetime coaching shows only coaching for active GT rules

01/15/24 | Release v 2.7.2

  • Support custom GT domains to import data
  • Fix processing of GT devices with empty serial number
  • Emails: small UI enhancements

12/12/23 | Release v 2.7.1

  • Optimized calculation of Compliance & Utilization report
  • Added queueing deletion of a large amount of scoring and exception event records
  • Fix coaching report do not show groups for performed coaching


12/05/23 | Release v 2.7.0

  • Feature: Display expiration time for video

  • Feature: Change trend color for GPS indicator

  • Feature: Redesign header with hamburger menu link

  • Feature: Added new scoring algorithm with normalized point model

  • Feature: Change bar color from green to red in event performance panel on dashboard

  • Feature: Added menu links to request plugins by organization admins

  • Improvements of data import and processing queue

  • Fix incorrect trend values in dashboard indicators

  • Fix issue when creation of new location in admin site with Company name may cause server error

11/03/23 | Release v 2.6.2

  • Admin site: Add verification of organization configuration
  • Admin site: Admin site UI improvements

  • Admin site: Improvements to user settings admin page

  • Admin site: Fix reports deletion

  • Admin site: Small fixes

  • Emails: Add direct links to vehicles in camera flag emails

  • Feature: Display text message in the scoring tooltip if scoring is not configured

  • Feature: Display page with text explanation when app can not be loaded

  • Feature: Add link to the support page in the menu

  • Security: Remove console log records from production

  • Add synchronization of deleted GT groups with organization configuration

  • Add synchronization of updated GT rule names

  • Fix issue when scoring panel shows error when scoring is not calculated

  • Fix issue when using tile for filtering records in table shows record with 0 value

  • Fix issue when showing events on the details page with lifetime events filter enabled throws error

  • Fix issue when selecting group in performance panel always opens group selected in dropdown

10/17/23 | Release v 2.6.1

  • Admin site: added drag and drop functionality into dashboard configurator
  • Added tooltips with scoring calculation explanation
  • Application security improvements

10/13/23 | Release v 2.6.0

  • Admin site: improved reports rebuild process
  • Admin site: improvements in default report creation process
  • Admin site: added drag and drop functionality into UI
  • Reports: added new report type – Scorecard
  • Changed texts on homepage and email reports
  • Optimization of vehicle and user import process from GeoTab
  • Display build version

10/06/23 | Release v 2.5.12

  • Admin site: simplified onboarding process implemented
  • Admin site: fixed bulk deletion
  • Reports: added support of Miles to kilometers data transformation
  • Added display of camera health last update date and time
  • Changed left menu behavior for the homepage when displaying Company level data
  • Minor UI text changes
  • Minor issues fixed

10/04/23 | Release v 2.5.11

  • Application security improvements

10/03/23 | Release v 2.5.10

  • Fix reports offline vehicle amount on the homepage and emails
  • Server security improvements

09/29/23 | Release v 2.5.9

  • Fix reports creation for Active(Yesterday) datasets

09/27/23 | Release v 2.5.8

  • Fix dashboard configuration process in admin site
  • Fix updating of hidden events

09/26/23 | Release v 2.5.7

  • Fix exception event deletion process after GT data is reprocessed or GT event was modified

09/18/23 | Release v 2.5.6

  • Fix event date range selector on details page not showing some events

09/15/23 | Release v 2.5.5

  • Feature: Admin site – changed logo to GoAnalytics
  • Feature: Admin site – added ability to override default coaching categories for organization
  • Feature: Added info popup to scoring panel on the homepage

09/11/23 | Release v 2.5.4

  • Fixes: The scoring gauge on the homepage

09/08/23 | Release v 2.5.3

  • Feature: Added support of automatically deleted events on GT rule is changed and automated import all new events on reprocessing
  • Feature: Switch to “quickchart” graph drawing app
  • Feature: Added text message on UI to identify TEST environment
  • Feature: Added thousands separator in homepage panels
  • Feature: Added “GoGPS/Surfsight – Camera Location” text in emails for rollins in coaching snapshot panel
  • Fixes: Changed text in Coaching snapshot panel on homepage from 4 month to 6 month
  • Fixes: Issue when GT filters on exception page stops working after user opens GoAnalytics add-in

09/01/23 | Release v 2.5.2

  • Fixes: Issue when during first opening of event list on the details page video for GT events are not shown

08/24/23 | Release v 2.5.1

  • Feature: Displaying camera health status on details page
  • Feature: Add vehicle live position link on details page

08/23/23 | Release v 2.4.2

  • Fixes: Issue with incorrect showing event coordinates on the map
  • Fixes: Not working links sent in telegram (Kevin sent this case)
  • Fixes: Small bugfixes

08/16/23 | Release v 2.4.1

  • Feature: User permissions based on clearances
  • Feature: Company\location level emails
  • Feature: Sending emails to users basing on their preferences instead of GT groups
  • Fixes: Small bugfixes

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