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Enterprise Fleet Management

Driver Coaching

Camera AI & Engine Data

Benchmarking / Trends

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GoAnalytics is designed to elevate your existing Geotab experience. Combining multiple data sources, giving actionable insights to fleets instantly.

Whether looking at a single location or the whole fleet, it gives you the ability to see what events occurred and quickly drill down to exactly which drivers had those events.

With the built-in coaching module we encourage managers to engage with their drivers, tracking these behaviors creates manager accountability and a stronger safety culture.

GoAnalytics Data-Driven Approach

From data acquisition to analysis and utilization, GoAnalytics is a robust solution that gives you full control over your fleet to improve efficiency and safety of operation.

Customizable events
and actionable insignts

GoAnalytics Dashboard is designed to highlight specific areas of focus for your fleet including data trends over any time frame.

Intuitive Interface

Whether looking at a single location or the whole fleet, see what events occurred and quickly drill down to exactly which drivers had those events.

Driver Profile & Coaching

Track manager coaching events, as well as video views. It allows for executives to oversee that their managers are engaging with their drivers.

Preventative Maintenance

Sort through thousands of vehicles and identify vehicle faults within seconds.

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Solution Highlights

Surfsight Dashboard

Combined Geotab and Surfsight Data

The built-in trend analysis provides you with an easy intuitive look to see if your fleet is improving our not in all categories.

Dynamic date range allows you to look at this information over any time period to see how you are doing.

Data Retention • 2 years

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Vehicle and Driver Information

Displays Vehicle Engine Faults and Critical Events to see what vehicle requires immediate attention and should be taken to the shop.

Allows to engage with the drivers about their actions and how to improve. These notes are attached to the drivers file.

Displays Driver Score basing on the number of exceptions created. We rank our drivers vs their peers so we can quickly identify the high risk drivers.

Instant view of any vehicle in the fleet.

GoAnalytics 2024 Roadmap

Below is what we plan for this year. Our main focus stays the same — safer driving and cost efficient fleet operation. We will continue bringing in Big Data and AI to provide actionable insights to fleet managers.

AI-Driven insights

Move from data processing to the data analysis and prediction. Adding AI allows us to provide actionable insights on regular basis.

Driver Profile

Detailed statistics for every driver including AI-infused recommendations for the remediation and coaching. Lifetime achievements and trends will be added here.

Hybrid/EV vehicles support

Analyze costs and benefits associated with becoming more sustainable, and the specific tactics to meet your carbon reduction goals.


Incentives for drivers and fleets: leaderboards, badges, achievements and chat.

Real-time control center

Get a full control with real-time data for fleet managers, see alerts on critical events or technical issues and address them right away.

advanced benchmarking

Compare your fleet to its similar fleets. From fuel consumption to drivers behavior — enhance your company’s strategic decision-making.

Vehicles connected

Coachings performed

New Valid Events Every Day

GoAnalytics has been a game changer for our fleet, we have quick visibility to all of our drivers and how they are performing. We use the ranking system to incentivize our tech’s and reward them for good driving each month.

— Gary G., Fleet Manager

The system has allowed us to utilize camera footage so much more efficiently then we were in the past, sorting though events is easy and I love the ability to put in coaching notes after speaking with a driver. We have seen all of our safety score come way down since we started using the program.

— Josh M., Risk Manager

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